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Great that you’re interested in our project! Keep reading to get more of an idea of how we have worked together with other schools in the past. If you would like to contact us, please send us an email at

Collaboration & Contact with Parents

Our collaboration with schools in the past has involved reaching parents through the newsletter, sending letters home with children, and/or holding before-school information sessions for parents. Teachers of children within the eligible age range often play a key role in communication between us and the families. 

Please note that we are very open to different forms of collaboration as each school environment is unique. Should you have other ideas about how we can work together and about what we may offer in return, feel free to reach out at

What does participation involve?

After consulting the school and teacher, our assistants will visit the school on days that are convenient for everyone. Children take part individually in a separate room. Our assistants are well-trained, good with children, and will make sure that the child feels they are in a safe environment before the tasks begin.  

All of the tasks are child-friendly and look like games, so children enjoy participating for the most part. Short breaks are allowed if needed, and in the rare cases where children want to quit, the session is stopped. We will ensure all children who participate have been granted consent by their caregivers.

And in return?

No data about individual children is shared with teachers and parents, but we would be willing to give a presentation about multilingual upbringing for parents or a science lesson for children if the school is interested. If you see other ways in which we could be of help, please let us know and we can see what the possibilities are.