Participation is great way to support and further the research on the communicative skills of multilingual children. At the moment, there are still many questions about how different types of language skills develop in children. For our study to be sound, having enough participants is imperative. We hope that the results of our study can inform future researchers as well as policy-makers and other non-academic stakeholders in multilingual early childhood education. As a thank you for participating, children will receive a small gift such as a sticker book when they finish their experiment.

Yes! We also need to test monolingual children so that we can accurately measure multilingual children.

All tasks will be game-like and will require children to react in some way to what is shown on a laptop. In the experiment, your child will watch short videos of people talking and be asked to respond by pressing a button after each video has finished.

Apart from you reading the information brochure and signing the consent forms, parents/guardian may be asked to bring children to testing locations. In this case, travel costs can be reimbursed.

Additionally, parents/guardians will be asked to fill in a 15-minute survey on Qualtrics prior to the experiment. This survey asks questions about your background as well as the languages that are spoken at home and the language proficiencies of your child.

In total, the experiment takes around 45 minutes to an hours, including the parent/guardian survey as well as short breaks.

The experiment has three parts: In the first part of the experiment, your child will do various short tasks on a laptop which will take about 30 mins. In the second part, your child will watch several short videos of people talking for about 10 mins. During this time, your child only has to watch and listen to the videos. In the third and final part, your child will be shown several clips of people saying different sentences. They will then be asked to react by pressing a button.

Please share our website with them and let them know that it is possible to sign up and/or get in touch with us regarding further questions.

Your child’s scores from the tasks will immediately be anonymized and, when our study is published, made publicly available to other researchers for at least 10 years. Please note that information such as your child’s name, location, and other contact info will not be shared.

Unfortunately, due to the anonymization and encryption of all our data, it is not possible to retrieve any results for your child. This is to ensure all of the data we collect stays safe and anonymous!

If you are wanting your child to participate in our study, click here to fill out the participation form!